Winter Park City Commission Wants to Increase Property Taxes during Pandemic

On July 22, 2020 the Winter Park City Commission voted to increase our property taxes 11.5% by a 4 to 1 vote.

All four City Commissioners, Marty Sullivan, Sheila DeCiccio, Carolyn Cooper, and Todd Weaver voted for the tax raise.

The City Commission will be having “Public Workshops” Virtual Meetings on the tax increase. You can read more about the schedule from this pdf.

Citizen comments on the budget and tax rate will be taken at regularly scheduled commission meetings on August 12, August 26, and September 9. September 23 is the final vote on Raising our Taxes. We can stop them by contacting the commission by email, text or phone.

These Commissioners reason for raising taxes is the $17,000,000 Reserve Fund the city has set aside for events like this.. Covid crisis is not enough. The Commission tells us that the reserve fund is for Hurricane relief and clean up. The Commission forgets to tell you, that FEMA and the State reimburses about 90% of hurricane related expenses so why raise our taxes now?

We need to ask the commission if the reserve fund is not to be used now then when?

Shoppes and Businesses are shuttering. A study presented to the commission shows the businesses in the City have lost thousands of jobs because of Covid crisis. All of us including family, friends, and neighbors have lost jobs and income and these Commissioners want to raise your taxes now. Some have written “it's only a small amount”. Not everyone in the City is as rich as these Commissioners. These Commissioners live lives of luxury and we all have to work hard and suffer.

It is time to fight back! Tell the Commission No new taxes now!

The only way to stop the tax increase is to convince the commission not to vote for it on September 23rd. Let them know you do not want a tax increase by contacting the City Commissioners. We are out of signs, but please write your commissioners prior to the vote on September 8 and 23rd.

You can contact City Commissioners directly:

Marty Sullivan- msullivan@cityofwinterpark.org. Phone: (407) 484-0112
Sheila DeCiccio- sdeciccio@cityofwinterpark.org. Phone: (407) 256-2989
Carolyn Cooper- ccooper@cityofwinterpark.org. Phone: (407) 222-7766
Todd Weaver-  tweaver@cityofwinterpark.org. Phone: (407) 496-6523

You can also reach all the City Commissioners and Mayor at: mayorandcommissioners@cityofwinterpark.org